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Our CE courses are for health and mental health professionals (including: psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, MFTs), and to OD and HR practitioners, educators at all levels, and members of any profession who apply behavioral science to practice.

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What Our Alumni Are Saying

"The expansive experience of rich learning, new experiences, open and kind people, and good food."

"I love the stimulating conversations, exchange of ideas, and interesting people."

"A wonderful week to look forward to each summer."

"I found this to be an amazing, nurturing experience on all levels; the staff, instructors, facilities, attention to our needs, and making sure we have opportunities to engage in the 'Cape Cod Experience'."

"Everything about the Institute is positive; they are inclusive and respectful of all participants; their friendliness and welcoming manner encourages a totally comfortable environment."

"I love the care and attentiveness of the staff; I wish that it was two weeks long; hate that it had to end!"

"I feel very privileged to have spent this week at the Institute."

"I love the exchange of knowledge and networking with other attendees."

"Everything was great; nice relaxed atmosphere, great snacks, very informed speakers."

"The institute always expands my worldview, the people who participate are marvelous, and the location is fabulous. Also l I loved the afternoon activities, especially the Nature Walk!"

"The structure of the Institute is wonderful and keeps me coming back due to the very high value for the expense."

"The entire experience was fabulous"

"I like the simultaneous nature of diversity among the participants along with the common thread"

"Everything was amazing and life changing"

"I bought a home in Cape Cod influenced by my attachment to CCI!"

"A wonderful learning experience!"

"It is a very safe and open environment for learning"

"The total package: The approach to learning, the natural beauty, the other participants"

"I like the low key open to learning style of CCI"

"Excellent quality of faculty and staff"

"I like the blend of learning from a master clinician and enjoying the Cape"

"Very friendly staff and great food"

"Good selection of courses, well-organized program, lots of support"

"Very knowledgeable faculty, friendly and helpful staff, stimulating group of people"

"Great learning experience"

"I have been to the Institute several times and always have a positive experience. The presenters are top-notch"

"Stimulating and compelling presentation of topics of vital importance. Nice fellow attendees. Inspired to keep learning and growing"

"The Institute tends to attract presenters who are experts in their field"

"Intellectually stimulating mornings and relaxing afternoons"

"I always feel professionally rejuvenated. The staff is wonderful. The teaching is solid. The environment amazing"

"The quality of training has been consistently excellent"

"Love the whole package of courses offered, level of people teaching, the Cape, the hours, the staff, the food"

"Great support staff that made the workshop go smoothly. Kudos to them!"

"The learning, the book table, and interacting with other participants"

"The balance of learning and time for self-care and exploration of the natural beauty of Cape Cod"

"Congenial, warm, welcoming feeling, before I arrived and while I was here. The food was wonderful, and the extra activities. Very much like the feeling of the group being part of a bigger entity."

"Truly a joyful and invigorating experience"

"The overall feeling of welcome and the wealth of knowledge of presenters and attendees. The food was amazing and varied"

"The total experience of morning learning and the rest of the day to integrate it and also play"

"The setting is spectacular and lends itself to peace and learning. The staff (including cafeteria) is always fantastic!"

"The interaction with other students was gratifying. The food was so healthy. The staff was very helpful"

"Instructors are always superior, the break time is ideal, and the people who work here smile. I look forward to this every year"

"This is now my 23rd year attending. Every year has been a hit! The kids still make this a part of their summer when they can. A great experience all around!"

"The energy about the people, the format of the schedule, amazing content, and the egg salad!"

"I have been coming to the Institute for over 30 years! I have been please with every course. You choose excellent, effective speakers on relevant topics and your overall management is well organized. Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next 30 years!"

"Location, instructors, relaxed atmosphere….all in one package"

"The content of the programs, knowledge and expertise of faculty, both head and heart. CCI continues to attract top tier teachers who are committed to helping others learn. Very impressive"

"Faculty and staff were fabulous. Absolutely wonderful learning experience. Food was good. Enjoyed opportunity to learn and practice self care in a beautiful place. Materials was extremely helpful. Enjoyed getting to know my classmates."

“The quality of the information being presented is remarkable. The Cape Cod Institute strives for highly professional presenters”

“Relaxing atmosphere, informal, intimate connection with others, welcoming faculty”

“Love the setting. Love the positive staff. Cutting-edge feel. The learning. The snacks. Seeing the National Seashore”

“Well organized! Great instructors and friendly staff! Dazzling snacks!”

“Meeting other colleagues from around the country”

“Casual atmosphere with positive intellectual and educational experience”

“I enjoy experiential learning and meeting so many wonderful people to learn from and grow with”

“Great chance to be away and reflect on my work”

“Highly educational but also relaxing, as always. And the egg salad!”

“Gaining new perspectives and leaving with new tools to utilize in practice”

“So happy to gain skills that will serve me well in work and home”

“Variety of topics and expertise of speakers”

“Very organized; very welcoming; very informative”

“Being able to learn from accomplished people is such a gift”

“The entire experience was well organized and accommodating to attendees”

“Incredible open environment, conducive to learning. I’ll be back”

“Learning a new skill and being on the Cape in the summer”

“I love the warm, connected culture that is created and sustained here, course after course, year after year”

“The easy movement between learning lending to personal growth and professional growth with greater clarity and competence in my ability to practice!"

“All of it was lovely, very comfortable, very accessible. Love the activities planned and encouraged for attendees”

“I love all of it – this is my 5th summer here. Thank you!”

“Being part of a community of learners with high quality instructors and highly service oriented staff. Many thanks for the kindness and commitment”

“The whole experience has been wonderful. Hate to see it end”

“High caliber workshops, half day format”

“I loved the schedule; half-day sessions allow for relaxation afterward”

“Friendly, informative staff and beautiful campus”

“The presenters are leaders in the field with great experiential learning opportunity”

“I always love attending programs here – well organized, fun activities, perfect location”

Location is super-healing for me to be in a naturally beautiful spot”

“Lovely blend of learning and recreation”

“The staff was awesome! So available and personable”

“I love meeting awesome people, the presenters are real and the food is great”

“In-depth presentations with serious, committed participants”

“The interactive nature of the sessions and the balance of teaching concepts and experiential learning are great”

“The staff was wonderful, the learning experience was fabulous and the food is always excellent. I love this experience and will be back next year!”

“Opportunity to discuss and collaborate with other professionals and explore different ideas and therapeutic approaches”

“Professional and well-run program with great topics offered”

“I have been attending seminars on the Cape for eight years, however in my opinion, the CCI staff are the most available, attentive and approachable of all, as well as being the most organized”

“After 30+ years here, the atmosphere – institute staff, catering, people who attend – all combine to make this a great opportunity to learn and relax”

“The CCI staff went way above and beyond to create a memorable week from info arriving by email to planned activities”