cape cod lodging

Participants are responsible for their own lodging. You will find an abundance of accommodations nearby at a range of prices. Early reservations are advised.


Our intention here is to provide Cape Cod Institute participants access to smaller lodging places near the Institute. Those who stay at a B&B are generally pleased with the choice -- especially if the individual is well-informed in advance about the specific qualities of a lodging place, each of which has its own personality. You can use this page as a base from which to surf to many possible inns seeking one that is a good fit for you.

The B&Bs below are listed by their distance from the Cape Cod Institute.

Nauset House Guesthouse.09 milessouth 
Cronin's Eastham Seashore1.5 milessouth
By the Bay2.0 milesnorth
Outer Cape Escape2.8 milessouth
CrossWinds3.6 milesnorth
The Painted Dog3.7 milesnorth
Silver Herring4.2 milessouth
Fort Hill4.3 milessouth
In the Dunes4.8 milesnorth
Buoy House5.6 milesnorth
Blueberry5.7 milessouth
Cahoon Hollow5.7 milesnorth
SeaCliff5.9 milesnorth
Inn at Whit's End6.3 milesnorth
Oyster Cove6.8 milesnorth
Cove Woods7.0 milesnorth
Academy Place7.0 milessouth
Gallery Town7.1 milesnorth
Chez Sven7.2 milesnorth
Twin Gables7.3 milesnorth
Woodlot Haven7.6 milesnorth
Winterwood7.7 milesnorth
Blue Gateways7.9 milesnorth
Sunset Hill7.9 milesnorth
130 West Main St.7.9 milesnorth
Family House8.3 milessouth
Morgan's Way8.3 milessouth
Herring River8.6 milesnorth
Aunt Sukies8.7 milesnorth
Morning Glory8.8 milesnorth
Wellfleet Woods8.8 milesnorth
Sweet Liberty8.8 milesnorth
Sea'Scape9.3 milesnorth
Ocean Gold9.4 milessouth
Drummer Cove11.0 milesnorth
Huckleberrys Guest House11.6 milessouth
Pepper House Inn12.0 milessouth
Captain Freeman Inn12.3 milessouth
Isaiah Clark House13.0 milessouth
Old Angler's Inn14.0 milessouth
Carriage House Inn14.0 milessouth
Michael's14.8 milessouth