Frances Johnston, Ph.D., is Founder of Teleos Leadership Institute and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She is a world-renowned scholar-practitioner, researcher, and co-author of the Harvard Business Press book, Becoming a Resonant Leader. Over the course of her 20+ year career, she has become a trusted mentor and advisor to C-level executives and top teams across a broad range of organizations and sectors—including many of the world's biggest and most well-known companies. She has also worked with the United Nations Development Programme and consulted to government leaders around the globe on issues of inclusion, post-conflict organizational development, and community leadership.

Fran's fascination with group development and deep commitment to organizational growth enables her to create real connections with those she serves and catalyze transformational change in large systems. She's done it worldwide in a variety of complex contexts and approaches, including: 6,000 business line leaders in a global energy company; 1,000 community and government leaders in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia; 50 physician leaders in a regional health system; 25 managers of her local food co-op; and with one incredibly competitive Division I college basketball coach. Fran sees the potential of any group or individual to make a difference and change the world.

This is one of eight courses of special interest to OD Practitioners and Coaches.

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Resonant Leadership: Purpose, Passion, and Power: Creating Resonance in Your Life as a Leader
June 19-23, 2017

The world is changing, building and sustaining positive relationships is more important than ever. In this workshop, renowned scholar, executive coach and CEO of Teleos Leadership Institute, Frances Johnston, PhD will guide you on a journey of discovery of self-awareness, resonant relationships, and leading change in our chaotic and often stressful world. Through exciting and meaningful activities, Fran will support your learning and exploring of personal values and beliefs and delving deeply into what matters most to you–your noble purpose and impact on the people you care about.

Through reflection and dialogues you will come to better understand the meaning of positive relationships and how they exist in all that we do in our personal life and work life. Relationships live and breathe in our existence and through positive relationships we are able to become better leaders for teams, organization and ourselves.

You will also explore the power that each one of us has at our fingertips, if only we explore and learn to really use our strengths, talents and gifts. You will learn how to rely on your emotional intelligence to guide you through the labyrinth that is life today, and how to create resonant relationships even in the midst of pressure and conflict. The workshop will help you to renew yourself, while connecting deeply with like–minded and wonderful people who are inspired to have a positive impact on the future of our world.

Together we will collectively learn to become resonant leaders and create a community to inspire others to do the same. From our experience we can learn and create the knowledge and positive energy that the world needs now. Each one of us, in our own way, can then go make the world a better place.

This workshop is designed for consultants, coaches, therapists and adult learners–talented people who have a wealth of experiences, insights about leadership, and ideas about how to build resonance relationships in their communities, organizations, and families. Sessions will include reflection, assessments, group dialogues, and short discussions on research in leadership, neuroscience, psychology, emotional intelligence, and organizational culture. The entire workshop will be highly interactive and participant–centered. Fran will work with each person and the group as a whole to create a powerful learning community that focuses on everyone's growth and development as a community and individually.

The Rules Have Changed

  • Making connection and building a learning community: Holistic self and community building–Experiential Activities 

  • Resonant Leadership: Emotional intelligence within self and with others– 
Dialogues and Reflection
  • Explore positive emotions and how they inspire and soothe us.

Finding Purpose and Passion in Life and Work

Vision and Hope: How hope and vision guide us today–Charting Personal Paths
  • Values: Experiential exploration of how our values develop, how they serve us 
or don't–Assessments


Seeing the World Through New Eyes

  • How I See the World: Information and dialogues on lenses through which we view self and others–Group Learning 

  • Clear and Cloudy Mirrors: Perceptions and biases that help and hurt–Role Plays and Assessments 

  • Living with Projections and Defenses: Reflections

Start with Our Strengths 

  • I Am Strong and Beautiful–Cognitive and emotional strengths that help us move toward our vision–Creative Work and Dialogues 

  • What You See in Me: How to gather data about one's self–Leadership
  • Self Study


Finding Our Power 

  • Vision, Purpose, and My Future: Painting a picture of a future that works– Dialogues and Writing 

  • Finding the Strength–Meditations and Reflection

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