Bill Joiner, MBA, Ed.D. is a global thought leader on the topic of “Leadership Agility.” He is co-author of Leadership Agility and Bill JoinerCEO of ChangeWise, a Boston-area leadership and organization development firm. He is a seasoned organizational change consultant, executive coach, speaker, and leadership educator. He partners with senior leaders to develop high-performing teams and raise the agility level of the leadership culture. Bill also provides leadership workshops and action learning programs, and he is co-developer, with Cambria Consulting, of the Leadership Agility 360. He earned his MBA at Southern Methodist and his Doctorate in Leadership and Organization Development at Harvard University.

Debra Whitestone LICSW, Ed.D., is a Principal and Senior Consultant at ChangeWise. For over 30 years, she has been a change agent in and with business, Debbie Whitestonegovernment, and "third sector" service organizations. A seasoned coach, consultant, facilitator and designer of change interventions, she brings attention to both process and results, helping clients develop and implement creative solutions to serious problems. Debbie helps leaders learn and utilize the Leadership Agility framework, and she and Bill teach and support what is becoming a global learning community of coaches, who are using the Leadership Agility framework and assessment tool with their own clients. Debbie earned her MSW at New York University and her Doctorate in Organization Development at Harvard University.

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Developmental Coaching for Leadership Agility
July 10-14, 2017

In today’s “VUCA” world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), more and more organizations are recognizing the need for “leadership agility.”  Leadership guru Jim Kouzes says it’s "the new master skill of leadership." Coaching guru Marshall Goldsmith says it's probably "the most important competency for leaders in today's world."

This workshop is based on the groundbreaking book Leadership Agility. This book shows that, as leaders develop through a series of well-documented stages of personal development, they become more "agile," that is, more visionary, collaborative, creative, and more proactive in learning from their experience–and just plain more effective. The Leadership Agility framework provides a remarkably clear roadmap for leaders and leadership coaches, identifying the typical behavioral patterns, as well as underlying cognitive and emotional capacities associated with each new stage of development.

This workshop combines conceptual, experiential, and applied learning. You'll learn how to incorporate the basics of this sophisticated stage-development approach into your leadership-coaching repertoire. You'll experience these leadership stages for yourself, and learn how to assess where your leadership-coaching clients are developmentally. After learning some tested methods for helping clients develop increased leadership agility, you'll practice and receive targeted consultation in applying this approach to your own real-life coaching challenges and those of other participants. All in all, you'll gain a whole new perspective on leadership coaching.

To get the most out of this workshop, we encourage you to read a few designated chapters in Leadership Agility prior to coming. You will receive more information about this when you register.

Leadership agility from the outside in and the inside out
"Living case study" (group exercise): Levels of leadership agility

Diagnosing a manager's current level of leadership agility Client levels of "awareness and intent" and how to work with them

Leadership Agility Compass as a coaching tool
Context-setting agility Practice & feedback: Developing your client's context-setting agility

Understanding "power styles"
Case study discussion: Facilitating a shift in power style (mindset and behavior) from the Expert to Achiever level of leadership agility

Case study discussion, plus practice and feedback: Facilitating a shift in power style (mindset and behavior) from the Achiever to Catalyst level of leadership agility Clarify your next steps

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