B.J.O. NORDFELDT, Still Life, 1911 (detail)
PAAM Collection, gift of I. David Orr in memory of Franz Kline

The CCI store has launched!

It is a resource and gathering place for learners and teachers of every stripe, and for lovers of books, art and Cape Cod.

Right now you will find clusters of books we have chosen as good starting points for the study of the work of more than 40 leading thinkers and doers who teach at the Cape Cod Institute.

And there is much more to come...

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The Cape Cod Institute
Now in its 37th year. A summer-long series of week-long courses taught by leading contributors to knowledge and practice. Our courses are for health and mental health professionals, as well as OD and HR practitioners, and educators at all levels -- and members of any profession who apply behavioral science to practice.

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The Cape Cod Institute     June 20 - August 26, 2016

2015 Cape Cod Institute Catalog This is a printable pdf of the
2016 Course Catalog

Cape Cod Institute 2015 Poster This is a printable pdf of the
our 2016 poster with schedule